The ABC Intelligent Technology
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Effectively located near major highways, shopping malls, excellent schools, recreational parks, the best hospitals and the Miami International Airport, we found a great example of development that is called to be an example in the world of Miami residential business. The sophisticated residences of Midtown Doral unite and give way to the comfort of modern, being the excellent result of a residential area that combines comfort, entertainment, and contemporary glamour.

Midtown Doral is distinguished as a pioneering system of smart technology that competes with other buildings in South Florida and with the cutting edge technology used in luxury condos worldwide. We are referring to "The ABC Intelligent Technology" which covers the concepts of an intelligent apartment, intelligent building, and intelligent community. Now residents have exclusive access, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, to a system of pre-programmed smart technology known as Vertilinc.

Residents are free to make their smart home as sophisticated as they wish, and can begin to discover the interconnected world when they receive their apartment keys and a mini iPad with Midtown Doral Experience, a previously installed application that residents can use to enjoy the unique advantages of the system. This program offers unique advantages to the residents such as directly connecting to the reception desk with the touch of a button and reserving at the finest restaurants in the area. These are two examples of the application which is also compatible with IOS and Android technology, offering many more features to the residents to be fully connected to their building and community.

As proof of the incredible growth Midtown Doral has made throughout these months, it has been announced that the estimated delivery of the units of building No. 2 date will be next month, in November 2015. I would like to emphasize that in addition to all of the above amenities, Midtown Doral goes beyond the networked home and cares for being a smart community for all its customers, therefore secure a pioneering and innovative lifestyle that differs from all other markets.

Undoubtedly, Midtown Doral is one of the biggest projects that Doral has seen since its current lifestyle. Another official announcement declared that in December 2015, building No. 3 will be the next to release which will "Top Off" the current buildings. All these proofs clearly show that Midtown Doral successfully closed 2015 in delivering its first units and advancing construction Phase 1 of this innovative project, assuring that every project that follows will continue to carry the mark of quality, elegance, and comfort as only Midtown Doral can.

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